Saturday, August 21, 2010

Endless Summer

Summer is coming to an end. The State Fairs will be starting soon and we will see all the beautiful fruits and  veggies everyone has grown and enjoyed this summer. One of my favorite things is the sweet corn, or silver-queen corn that we enjoy this time of year. I like to purchase several dozen and shuck them, and then give them a quick blanch before placing them in freezer bags. (the kind that vacuums out the air) . We take some out to serve with the Thanksgiving meal , and Christmas  meal if there is any left.

I also do the same with fresh peaches. Peel and slice, place them in a bowl of cold water with a little lemon juice to keep them from turning brown. Then drain and place in those bags freeze and enjoy later in recipes that call for peaches, like a peach cake, cheese cake, etc. Or serve warm over icecream.

Fresh Maryland Tomatoes are a welcome ingredient in sauces in the winter months. I blanch , remove skins and freeze in small bags to add to sauces later.
I used to do canning, but this freezing method works well for what I need .

There is one thing I do like to use fresh peppers for and that is my Hot Pepper Jelly.
I will add that recipe once I make this year's batch.

So go ahead, save those tastes of summer............make it an Endless Summer!


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