Saturday, June 26, 2010



Find a Giant Margarita Glass (Pier 1 Imports) , rim the glass with lime juice & dip it in salt, fill the glass with guacamole, hang a lime wedge on the side and serve with lime flavored tortilla chips.-

Ladies Night out on the Deck

Invite some of " Lady " Neighbors over for a night out on the deck. Fill a container with ice and place bottles of wine, wine coolers, and or a pitcher of Margaritas. Serve lots of different finger foods and something really decadent for a desert, Chocolate anything would be great, maybe a cold very chocolate pie, or a Kentucky Chocolate pie served with Whipped Cream.
I do this every Summer, it's so nice to get together with the "girls" who we only see as we all go out the door to work in the morning, or walking the dogs.

Neighborhood Yard Sale Time

So your neighbors are having a yard sale? Maybe you can be the one who offers Coffee and a sweet treat to everyone . My friend made a huge 46 cup size pot of coffee and made several kinds of coffee cake and offered it to the shoppers for just a fraction of what the stores would sell it for and not only did shoppers enjoy, many neighbors came to visit and sit and sip their morning coffee and a nice coffee cake muffin.

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