Thursday, February 7, 2008


In a large steamer pot, with water up to the steamer shelf.....

2 lobsters
4 small new potatoes
4 oysters in the shell
4 clams in the shell
4 jumbo shrimps
2 ears of corn ( unshucked)
1 can of beer
1/4 cup Old Bay Seasoning

pour beer and enough water just to cover the rack or shelf of the steamer pot , then
place in pot,add Old Bay, and in this order..... oysters, clams, potatoes, corn, lobsters shrimp, seasoning with salt , pepper, ( or a little old bay) at each layer.
(if using a steamer pot there is a little rack you place in the bottom for the food to sit on so it is not on the bottom of the pot and allows grit to settle at the bottom as well).

Cover with lid and heat to boil so that food steams for 20 minutes . Steam will escape and it will be hot.
This is a perfect meal for two. Serve with a nice white wine and add a yummy desert and you have a nice romantic meal. Valentines would be a perfect night to have this ready for your sweetie!!

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